Mar 222013

I’ve been wanting to photograph this for a while. Tonight I was out working on a new project in Bermuda and was inspired to finally get down and try to grab a shot of this old chimney. I’ve been wanting to try photographing the stars for a while now. I didn’t think I’d get a chance tonight as it was pretty stormy. When I got there, I realized that the clouds were sparse and moving quickly. By dragging my shutter I was able to stretch out the clouds and capture some of the stars behind them.

Remains of limestone chimney at ocean-side with turquoise waters and nighttime clouds and stars near Shelley Bay, Bermuda.

Feb 282013

You may have noticed that I’ve been failing miserably in my ambition to post a photo a day. Unfortunately, I’m running low on interesting photos! On top of that I’ve been very busy at work so have even struggled to find time to process the photos I have. I’m going to get back to the daily photos once I’ve taken a few more trips and found the time to head out while at home.

I’m on my way back to Bermuda after a short trip to the Bahamas for work. So it seems fitting that I post a photo of Bermuda. Here’s a shot of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Bermuda, just before sunset. I took this last summer but have only just processed it.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Bermuda with stairs leading up to it in the foregound.

Jan 062013

This is one of the essential tourist stops in Bermuda. Located not far from Horseshoe Bay, from the top of this lighthouse, you can see most of the island. I like to stand up there and look out across the Sound and Hamilton Harbor on a calm day.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda, in front of a clear blue sky


Dec 312012

I’ve had this idea for a little while of Macro Mondays. The problem is I haven’t been taking very many macro shots… they’re pretty fidgety and I really need to get a flash to pull it off properly! So, I’m not officially rolling out macro Mondays, but I took today’s photo with my macro lens and it’s Monday.

This was taken in a small pond in the Sensory Garden of the Botanical Gardens right next to my house. I don’t think I really got close enough to call it macro, but it’s pretty cool just the same.

Small goldfish in a pond, taken from above the water

Dec 302012

All Packed and Ready to Go

My bags are actually all packed now, clothes and everything! I fly out in about 5 hours for London, where I hope to spend the day running around taking photos before meeting up with some old uni friends, and maybe current Bermuda friends, for lunch and maybe a pint or two. Packing for three weeks in Africa and one day in London is pretty tricky. We’re going to be traveling on a budget, so there will be lots of buses and trains and I had to keep my baggage to a minimum. My camera backpack is big enough on it’s own, not to mention whatever mammoth bag my travel buddy will be bringing, so I can’t bring too much else. As a result I’ve decided to forgo a proper jacket and I’m going with the layering concept. I’ll be wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, my trusty fleece and rain jacket. I’m pretty doubtful that this will do the trick when I’m out trying to take photos, so I’ve also packed some old thermals just in case. Oh yeah, and it’s supposed to rain all morning tomorrow. Hopefully it will be the typical English light rain, because if it’s pissing it down I’ll have a lot of time to kill with nothing to do!

Fat Santa on the Coffee Table

I meant to get this out before Christmas, but as you are aware I got a bit lazy moving into the festive season. I figure it’s still okay so long as it’s out before New Years, right?

Christmas decorations including fat Santa on the coffee table in front of fireplace.


Dec 272012

Today’s photo was taken when the days were longer and I was able to slip down to Horseshoe Bay before work. It wasn’t summer and was actually pretty chilly, I was wearing long trousers and a fleece. I was shocked to discover how many people head down to Horseshoe Bay for a morning dip each day. I spotted this man making the walk into the chilly waters, facing the sunrise,  and fired off three bracketed photos. In the end I decided to let the man and cliff be silhouetted against the sunrise.

A man silhouetted against the morning sunrise as he enters the water at Horseshoe bay beach, Bermuda


Dec 212012

I love summer when I’m able to enjoy the sunrise on the beach before heading into work if I feel like it. It’s more likely that I’ll head out for morning photos if I have someone staying with me who wants to head out. It’s little more difficult to drag yourself out of bed on your own.

Sunrise view from Southlands, Bermuda with rocks jutting out from the foamy waves and turquoise ocean.

Dec 162012

The tree is up and the stockings are hanging in the Peacock household, ready for Christmas.

I took this photo of my parents’ living room tonight. I also sat here and processed it, which is the first time I’ve processed a photo while still able to see what I’ve photographed.

A living room decorated for Christmas with fire in fireplace in Bermuda

Nov 222012

If a building doesn’t have a roof, does it still have an interior?

This is the unfinished church up in St. Georges. Writing this post has made me realize that I don’t know much about it. A quick Google search tells me that construction was started in the 1870s after that parish’s church, St. Peters, was damaged by a storm. As it was thought that the damage was irreparable they began building. However, the replacement was not completed. Apparently, one of the issues was that the parishioners couldn’t agree on whether they should build a new church or fix St. Peters.

Unfortunately, it’s been deemed too dangerous to enter and big metal gates bar entry. It makes for an interesting challenge trying to find a good angle. I tried a few different methods. One of which involved setting my tripod on a windowsill while standing on a small ledge. The problem was that to frame up the picture I needed two hands. One to move the camera, the other to lock it in place. Every time I took both hands off I’d slowly fall off the wall. The solution was to have my girlfriend stand behind me and push me against the wall. In this position I was able to operate the camera. I did forget to mention to her when I’d finished using two hands and she could let go. We stayed in that position, with me balancing on my own, for quite a while longer than we needed.

For this shot, I stood at the metal gate and propped my tripod against it. I only used two legs so that I could slip the lens through the gaps in the metal. I only shot 3 exposures, from -2 to +2, because the sun was high enough that this would do the trick. I combined the three exposures using Photomatix and then cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop.

The interior archways of the unfinished church in Bermuda in front of a blue sky

Oct 192012

I mentioned a while back that I managed to stretch my insurance money for the stolen equipment pretty far by purchasing second hand items as much as I could. This meant that I added a macro lens to my arsenal. I’ve always been interested in macro photography but never really given it a try. It’s definitely not easy and I’m already learning that shooting macro in natural light is incredibly difficult. I’ll be purchasing some sort of flash as soon as possible.

One bonus I’ve got is that one of my windows functions like an ever changing terrarium. It’s got a load of leaves and vines over it and all sorts of little creatures turn up, including today’s photo of a lizard. This guy was about 4 inches long.

Macro closeup of green and yellow Bermuda lizard with protruding eye on a leaf