Mar 262014

The Italian island of Sardinia is one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous. That is if you go to the beaches, in summer. If you go in the winter and explore the interior you see a completely different picture. Sardinia’s interior is rural, rugged and mountainous. You’ll see more sheep than people, and more interestingly shaped rocks than sheep. The harsh landscape is dotted occasionally by tightly packed villages.

I think I’ve just convinced myself I need to make a return trip. I was there during university and went on this trip specifically to get some practice in with what was, at that time, my brand new Canon Rebel.

tightly packed rooftops in sardinia, italy

Mar 242014

Brasov is a beautiful little city. Upon arriving I spotted a Hollywood styled “Brasov” sign up on the hill and decided I wanted to go up there. So I did, and I took today’s picture. After getting back down I spoke to a local who said you should never go up there because the hillside is crawling with bears… oops.

brasov as viewed from the sign on the hill white tower town hall cathedral


Mar 222014

First things first, there’s no evidence of Bram Stoker’s inspiration (Vlad the Impaler) ever setting foot at Bran Castle. That small point aside, it is a beautiful castle shrouded by mist that’s definitely worth a visit.

bran castle, supposed home  of dracula, central courtyard from above in Romania

Mar 202014

This water fountain in Rome is right next to the Pantheon. I had set this photo up exactly as it is and was just going to take a picture of the taps. Then, this woman walked up, acting completely oblivious to me, and positioned herself perfectly in the frame.

woman using water fountain in rome to fill her bottle near the pantheon

Mar 182014

This garden, with its weird implements, is in the middle of a torture museum in San Gimignano. One thing you learn there, is that people have done some pretty horrible things to each other. The imagination involved in creating some of these contraptions is just mad. One of the creepiest sections was entering the dungeon to see a small vault where a man was actually walled up. For those that don’t know, that’s when they stick someone in a closet sized hole and brick them in to starve to death.

the central courtyard of the torture museum in san Gimignano tuscany italy


Mar 162014

This is the first shot I took of the horse parked conveniently in the Piazza Rotunda. I’m not sure how the driver got it to stay there while he went for his morning coffee in a nearby cafe.

egyptian obelisk in the piazza della rotunda in Rome with a horse and carriage