Feb 062014

This is the first picture I took on my most recent trip to Amsterdam. We arrived and our room wasn’t ready so we’d put our bags in storage. I went for a wander around the area to check it out, camera in hand, but had forgotten to take my tripod out of the bag I put in storage – a mistake I always seem to make. Still, there was a golden light at the end of the morning and I figured I should be able to get a few good pictures.

Bicycles near the old church in the red light district in Amsterdam

Jan 022014

In my house in Bermuda I have a giant print of one of my first photos, taken in Amsterdam about 7 years ago. It’s looking a little worn out and I keep thinking I’d like to replace it, but can’t decide on a photo. So, I decided I could replace it with an up to date picture of the same place. So, I found the spot. It wasn’t anywhere near where I thought it was but I stumbled upon it within an hour of arriving. Unfortunately, things have changed, there were loads of tables stacked up blocking my view.

I kept wandering and spotted this blue bike looking back towards the same canal junction that is up on my wall.

A blue bicycle lent against a fence on a bridge over a canal in Amsterdam

Sep 252013

The Heineken experience in Amsterdam is pretty cool. It’s located in the old Heineken Brewery. I visited it for the second time on my last trip. You learn about the history of Heineken, how they make it, and then they teach you how best to drink it. Then, you drink more of it.

These are the coppers, it’s where they heat various mixtures at the various stages of beer making.

Heineken Experience brewery Coppers in Amsterdam

Sep 172013

On my first day in Amsterdam, immediately after an overnight flight from Bermuda, there was a beautiful wispy cloud draped blue sky. I was tired but decided I’d better get out and take advantage of it. It was a good decision, because it was grey and rainy for the rest of our trip!

Bicycle locked to a fence on a bridge over a canal in Amsterdam near a lamp post