Mar 092014

You don’t typically expect blue skies in London, particularly not in January, but I got lucky for a weekend. It was bloody cold though. I’m to Chicago next week, doubtful I’ll bring the camera though, as I’m there for a three day bachelor party.

Big ben in the early morning, London


Feb 222014

Sticking with yesterday’s theme of photos of street lights, similar to those you’ve seen before, here’s a tighter version of Westminster from across the Thames in the wee hours of the morning.

Westminster houses of parliament and big ben viewed from the south bank of the thames, London

Feb 162014

I managed to get up early enough, and drag myself out into the cold to get to Westminster before sunrise. When I set up this shot, I stood around for quite a while waiting because I thought the clouds behind Big Ben might do something interesting as the sun peeked over the horizon. They never lit up, but I think this photo has a nice moodiness about it.

westminster housesof parliament and big ben early morning from across the calm thames in London

Jan 282014

As far as I’m concerned, this should be the main entrance to the Natural History Museum in London. Yeah, the main hall is pretty cool with its massive dinosaur skeleton and ornate brickwork, but how amazing is this? I remember this as a kid, ascending into the molten globe, and it being the most amazing thing ever. So, when I realised it was here, I made plans to come back the next day, as soon as it opened to get a photo when it was less crowded.

red zone entrance in the natural history museum, London