Dec 302012

All Packed and Ready to Go

My bags are actually all packed now, clothes and everything! I fly out in about 5 hours for London, where I hope to spend the day running around taking photos before meeting up with some old uni friends, and maybe current Bermuda friends, for lunch and maybe a pint or two. Packing for three weeks in Africa and one day in London is pretty tricky. We’re going to be traveling on a budget, so there will be lots of buses and trains and I had to keep my baggage to a minimum. My camera backpack is big enough on it’s own, not to mention whatever mammoth bag my travel buddy will be bringing, so I can’t bring too much else. As a result I’ve decided to forgo a proper jacket and I’m going with the layering concept. I’ll be wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, my trusty fleece and rain jacket. I’m pretty doubtful that this will do the trick when I’m out trying to take photos, so I’ve also packed some old thermals just in case. Oh yeah, and it’s supposed to rain all morning tomorrow. Hopefully it will be the typical English light rain, because if it’s pissing it down I’ll have a lot of time to kill with nothing to do!

Fat Santa on the Coffee Table

I meant to get this out before Christmas, but as you are aware I got a bit lazy moving into the festive season. I figure it’s still okay so long as it’s out before New Years, right?

Christmas decorations including fat Santa on the coffee table in front of fireplace.


Dec 162012

The tree is up and the stockings are hanging in the Peacock household, ready for Christmas.

I took this photo of my parents’ living room tonight. I also sat here and processed it, which is the first time I’ve processed a photo while still able to see what I’ve photographed.

A living room decorated for Christmas with fire in fireplace in Bermuda