Dec 162012

The tree is up and the stockings are hanging in the Peacock household, ready for Christmas.

I took this photo of my parents’ living room tonight. I also sat here and processed it, which is the first time I’ve processed a photo while still able to see what I’ve photographed.

A living room decorated for Christmas with fire in fireplace in Bermuda

  8 Responses to “Getting Ready for Christmas”

  1. ditto on the beautiful tree – your parents home have a nice feel – you need to get your photos up on their walls too

  2. Great photo! Love the holiday spirit. The Christmas tree is beautiful!

  3. Wow- a round of applause for the tree decorator! Superb!

  4. What a beautiful photo of a beautiful tree !

  5. I love the chubby Santa on the table.

  6. Perfect!

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