Oct 022012

Once I got the weather I was after at Horseshoe I took quite a few pictures from the top of the rock there. Here’s another one, taken as the sun climbs a bit higher through the haze, spilling golden rays across the light pink sand and adding an extra glow to the cool turquoise water.

View of Horseshoe Bay Bermuda beach from top of the rock with the sun spilling golden rays across the light pink sand and adding an extra glow to the cool turquoise water.


Aug 012012

I was dragged out early this morning to visit a beach and take some sunrise photos. I’d been up late the night before and didn’t think I’d enjoy it. I’ve now remembered that I don’t need a lot of sleep. The morning actually yielded about 5 usable pictures. Pretty good really.

Yellow and pink sunrise, pink sand, turquoise ocean breaking over limestone rocks on beach in Bermuda.



May 212012

Update: HDR Tutorial

I’ve been trying to decide on a photo to use as an example in my long awaited HDR tutorial. I’ve actually decided on a few, taken all the screenshots I need while processing it, and then lost the files. The first time, I somehow just forgot to save it. The second time, my computer froze on me just as I was preparing to save the images.

Finally, I got all the images I needed. Today’s photo will be the sample. So, if you’re interested in how I produced this photo, and the general method I use to produce all of my images, I suggest you follow this blog by entering your e-mail to the right, or follow me on twitter or just make sure you check back daily… AND, while you’re at it, tell your friends to check out the site! Tell all of your friends! You can do this by sharing posts you like on Facebook, Twitter etc. and sharing’s made easy via the buttons below the image!

Today’s Photo: Bermuda Ritual

Going down to Horseshoe morning after morning I grew more and more shocked by the level of activity going on. It seems a lot of Bermudians engage in a morning ritual revolving around Horseshoe Bay. There are people walking the length of the beach, people running and even, gasp, people swimming before May 24th. The swimmers turn up randomly and converge at the point where everyone leaves their dry clothes and towels. They all seem to know each other. Then, they swim out and float around together, chatting away. You can hear them from the top of the rock, where today’s photo is taken from! I decided I wanted to capture some of this action within one of my landscapes and when the swimmers formed a neat circle and drifted out to about the middle of the bay I decided that was my opportunity. It really is a nice time to be down there, you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery and friendly people. There’s supposed to be lightning tomorrow morning. I’m tempted to go down just to see if people still turn up.

Sunrise at Horseshoe Beach, Bermuda with people exercising on pink sand and swimming in turquoise ocean.

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May 192012

After taking the photo posted here I made my way back down off the rock. Once I got down on the sand, I noticed the fact that the sky was reflecting in the thin layer of water left by the retreating waves. So, I walked out to where it was about ankle deep when the waves came in and set my tripod up low to maximize the reflections. The water was causing the tripod to sink into the sand. As a result, I didn’t take my usual 7 exposures. Instead I only took 3 because if I had to mess around with the settings the tripod would have shifted between photos.

Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda with the sky reflecting in thin layer of water left by retreating waves.


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Apr 162012

If you’re watching the sunset on the South Shore of Bermuda it’s worth turning around and looking towards the East. As the sun dips below the horizon it’s pretty common for a pink band to appear on the opposite horizon that gradually moves up into the sky until it dissolves into the deepening blue sky. This photo was taken just as this pink band started it’s march upward.

When I was working this photo up in Photomatix I clicked on the rocks for a close up to check on the detail. I was surprised the discover that right where I clicked, perfectly centered in the preview square, was etched JANIE4JASON.

Rocky cove beach in Bermuda with pink sand and turquoise ocean with pink sunset sky.


Mar 212012

This is an early evening shot at Chaplain Bay, Bermuda. Normally these rocks would be covered by sand, which has been removed through the winter. In a few months they’ll probably be covered up again. In taking this photo I misjudged a wave and got pretty wet. I’d been sitting in the sand with my tripod in front of me. There was a little trench in the sand between me and the rock which was absorbing most of the wave action. Fortunately my camera was far enough off the ground to be safe.

Early evening winter shot at Chaplain Bay, Bermuda when the rocks on the beach are uncovered and turquoise ocean.

Mar 182012

The morning after daylight savings time is pretty horrible. Getting up in the dark again so soon after we’d moved into light mornings. The upside though, for me, is the evening. It’s now staying light long enough for me to finish work and head out to catch the sunset. I set off with beautiful blue skies, so decided to walk the South Shore beaches. My Dad decided to join me. Shortly after we parked the car we came across a lady who said she’d just seen whales jumping. I began setting up for a photo and my Dad took off in search of high ground to see if there really were any whales about. As a result,we didn’t see each other again for at least an hour.

I came upon this viewpoint when the sun was still hovering just above the bushes to the right. I decided it would make a good spot for a photo later and moved on. Soon after I got a call from my Dad asking where I was. We met up and I brought him back to the spot I’d found. He then pointed out that this is the beach we used to come to when I was a kid and we used to climb up to this viewpoint a lot.

Footprints in the pink sand of a Bermuda cove beach between the rocks with turquoise ocean and orange sunset.


Mar 142012

I still haven’t adjusted to this getting up an hour earlier for daylight savings thing. But, I’m liking it as I now have a couple of hours of light to take photos after work. This was taken on Monday evening at the beginning of my walk from Warwick Long Bay to Horseshoe. This is a little bay that used to be on a lot of post cards in Bermuda, taken from pretty much this exact angle to be honest. I doubt many tourists are finding it at the moment as the bulk of our visitors come by cruise ship and go with the flock to Horseshoe Bay, which is a beautiful beach, but it’s walking distance to bays like this that you can pretty much have to yourself.

I’ve decided I need to make a point of climbing the stairs dug into the cliff to the right. I don’t think I ever have.

Stone Hole Bay, Bermuda, a cove beach with turquoise ocean and a set of stairs carved into the cliff.