Apr 162012

If you’re watching the sunset on the South Shore of Bermuda it’s worth turning around and looking towards the East. As the sun dips below the horizon it’s pretty common for a pink band to appear on the opposite horizon that gradually moves up into the sky until it dissolves into the deepening blue sky. This photo was taken just as this pink band started it’s march upward.

When I was working this photo up in Photomatix I clicked on the rocks for a close up to check on the detail. I was surprised the discover that right where I clicked, perfectly centered in the preview square, was etched JANIE4JASON.

Rocky cove beach in Bermuda with pink sand and turquoise ocean with pink sunset sky.


Mar 182012

The morning after daylight savings time is pretty horrible. Getting up in the dark again so soon after we’d moved into light mornings. The upside though, for me, is the evening. It’s now staying light long enough for me to finish work and head out to catch the sunset. I set off with beautiful blue skies, so decided to walk the South Shore beaches. My Dad decided to join me. Shortly after we parked the car we came across a lady who said she’d just seen whales jumping. I began setting up for a photo and my Dad took off in search of high ground to see if there really were any whales about. As a result,we didn’t see each other again for at least an hour.

I came upon this viewpoint when the sun was still hovering just above the bushes to the right. I decided it would make a good spot for a photo later and moved on. Soon after I got a call from my Dad asking where I was. We met up and I brought him back to the spot I’d found. He then pointed out that this is the beach we used to come to when I was a kid and we used to climb up to this viewpoint a lot.

Footprints in the pink sand of a Bermuda cove beach between the rocks with turquoise ocean and orange sunset.