Jul 212012

Our first attempt to find this waterfall did not go well. We decided not to use the GPS because it looked really straightforward on the map. Unfortunately, we promptly forgot that we were looking for a turning. When we realized we’d probably gone past it, we got out the gps and discovered we passed the turn about an hour earlier. So, we decided to continue on to Myvatn and visit the waterfall the next day.

Visiting in daytime hours meant that we got to experience the tour bus crew for the first time. To the right of the falls it was very crowded with a number of buses parked up and people rushing around to see the falls and hop back on their buses. On the other side, however, was a small path with very few people on it. I went that way.

In taking this photo I decided not to crop out a tourist taking photos atop the cliff to the right because I thought that would provide a good scaling factor to show the size of these falls. Unfortunately, the tourist is so dwarfed by the falls it’s difficult to notice that he’s there!

Panoramic view of powerful Godafoss waterfall powering over cliffs and entering the turquoise waters of Skjalfandafljot River in Iceland.

Apr 162012

If you’re watching the sunset on the South Shore of Bermuda it’s worth turning around and looking towards the East. As the sun dips below the horizon it’s pretty common for a pink band to appear on the opposite horizon that gradually moves up into the sky until it dissolves into the deepening blue sky. This photo was taken just as this pink band started it’s march upward.

When I was working this photo up in Photomatix I clicked on the rocks for a close up to check on the detail. I was surprised the discover that right where I clicked, perfectly centered in the preview square, was etched JANIE4JASON.

Rocky cove beach in Bermuda with pink sand and turquoise ocean with pink sunset sky.


Mar 212012

This is an early evening shot at Chaplain Bay, Bermuda. Normally these rocks would be covered by sand, which has been removed through the winter. In a few months they’ll probably be covered up again. In taking this photo I misjudged a wave and got pretty wet. I’d been sitting in the sand with my tripod in front of me. There was a little trench in the sand between me and the rock which was absorbing most of the wave action. Fortunately my camera was far enough off the ground to be safe.

Early evening winter shot at Chaplain Bay, Bermuda when the rocks on the beach are uncovered and turquoise ocean.