Jul 012012

Sitting here, after taking this photo, I came to the conclusion that we were not going to make it to the bird cliffs at Latrabjarg. They are the furthest point of land in the direction this photo is looking in. As you can see, we still had a long way to go. It was still a great night with some pretty dramatic scenery. All of the photos I’ve released from Iceland thus far are from this night. It offered up the best sunset we had the entire time we were in Iceland.

White wildflowers on the rocky shore with a beautiful sunrise over the ocean and fjords with the bird cliffs at Latrabjarg in the distance in Iceland.

Mar 142012

I still haven’t adjusted to this getting up an hour earlier for daylight savings thing. But, I’m liking it as I now have a couple of hours of light to take photos after work. This was taken on Monday evening at the beginning of my walk from Warwick Long Bay to Horseshoe. This is a little bay that used to be on a lot of post cards in Bermuda, taken from pretty much this exact angle to be honest. I doubt many tourists are finding it at the moment as the bulk of our visitors come by cruise ship and go with the flock to Horseshoe Bay, which is a beautiful beach, but it’s walking distance to bays like this that you can pretty much have to yourself.

I’ve decided I need to make a point of climbing the stairs dug into the cliff to the right. I don’t think I ever have.

Stone Hole Bay, Bermuda, a cove beach with turquoise ocean and a set of stairs carved into the cliff.