Mar 132014

I’m not sure what I think of this photo, but need to break up my photos of  Italy. If you click on the image you can make it bigger and see the insane amount of detail on this building.

la sagrada familia oldest facade up close, Barcelona

Mar 062014

After visiting Gaudi’s ongoing work, La Sagrada Familia, we made our way to his famous park. It was mid afternoon as it had taken us a long time to figure out how to get into La Sagrada Familia without spending well over an hour on a line. Once we got there I got frustrated pretty quickly, it was crawling with people everywhere! So, we went for a beer.

park guell crowded with people tourists

Mar 012014

I took this picture after a long mission to get into the Sagrada Familia without waiting on line. It involved saying “screw waiting on this line” and having the best tapas I’ve ever had at a place called Tapas 24, or 21. I don’t remember the number too well.

I’d normally be annoyed by having cranes and scaffolding in a picture, but it is very much part of the interesting things about this monument as it’s been under construction for such a long time.

la sagrada familia, Barcelona from the park with pond and cranes still under construction no tourists no people blocking view

Feb 252014

After taking a tuk tuk up the volcano we were on our way back to our boat when we passed a colorful garden. We asked our driver to stop and hopped out to explore. We climbed the stairs into the garden and realized this little white church and interesting statue was positioned at the far end.

Church and statue on lake atitlan, Guatemala with volcano in the background

Jan 312014

On my last night in Rome I wound up in an American college bar. I had a couple of beers and then decided I’d rather get up early and take some pictures than stay out as there wasn’t much going on. Apparently, after I left things got pretty interesting.

I was rewarded the next morning by a cold overcast morning, but pushed out onto the streets of Rome for the last time. My hotel was located near the Spanish steps, and walking from there I’d arrive at the top and walk down. On my first night there, I was disappointed to see that the fountain at the bottom was hidden for restoration. I wasn’t sure I could get an interesting photo, but as I walked down the stairs, snapping away, I managed to find this shot, which I’m pretty happy with.

the spanish steps in Rome early morning abstract

Dec 042012

This church in Hof was a happy find. I’d wanted to photograph turf roofed buildings the whole time I was there. We were on our way back to the Jockulsarlon Glacier lagoon, on the same day that we had to make it all the way to Reykjavik. We were pressed for time. But, before we left Hof, the tiny little town we’d spent the night in, we had to stop to photograph this church. I’ve posted other shots of the exterior and interior before.

A church with a roof made of turf grass in Hof, Iceland in front of a blue sky

Nov 182012

I’ve uploaded a photo of this little church before. It’s constructed with a traditional turf roof. After poking my head inside I decided it could be cool to get a shot of the altar looking up from the ground. I sat down right next to the door and started trying to take a picture from the ground. I had to go lower than my tripod would allow so I was hand holding my camera and trying to line up the pews and the floorboards symmetrically. It was pretty tricky and I was in a pretty awkward position. At one point the door opened and someone came in. I was pretty embarrassed to be caught by a stranger in this odd position on a church floor. I was relieved when the person who came in to join me was my travel buddy who was used to me being in odd positions by then.

interior of Icelandic turf church with view from pews with altar and painting of jesus

Sep 032012

I pulled back a bit further for this shot of the church posted previously. After leaving out the front of the building in my first composition of the shot I decided the façade was too nice to not shoot at all.

Church in Alice Bel Colle, Italy showing colorful red and yellow facade with bell tower set over rolling countryside.

Aug 262012

Waking up early, we made our way to Alice Bel Colle to take advantage of the specially made mound in the middle of the town. Our guidebook stated that it offered a 360 degree view of the surrounding landscapes. It didn’t disappoint, climbing atop the mound, once we found it, we were met with an excellent view. The sunrise, on the other hand, wasn’t ideal. It was overcast and hazy. The haze added an eeriness to the landscape, so I set about making the best of it by taking photos focused tightly on a subject, while allowing the haze to emphasise the distance to the background.

We had planned on going back for a sunset, and there were some great ones, but as you know I was relieved of my camera equipment at a service station just outside Genoa… I’m still a little bitter.

Church on hill with bell tower overlooking the countryside on a hazy morning in Alice Bel Colle, Piedmont, Italy.