Mar 012014

I took this picture after a long mission to get into the Sagrada Familia without waiting on line. It involved saying “screw waiting on this line” and having the best tapas I’ve ever had at a place called Tapas 24, or 21. I don’t remember the number too well.

I’d normally be annoyed by having cranes and scaffolding in a picture, but it is very much part of the interesting things about this monument as it’s been under construction for such a long time.

la sagrada familia, Barcelona from the park with pond and cranes still under construction no tourists no people blocking view

Feb 102014

After realising that the line for La Sagrada Familia was ridiculous, it took me twenty minutes to walk to the front and back, we decided to take advantage of the option to prebook a ticket. So, we went to lunch prior to tracking down one of the only ATMs in Barcelona that actually allowed you to buy tickets for a number of monuments.

We got lucky as, when we were trying to book tickets on our phones, with no way to print a ticket and low on battery, an American on the table next to us not only shared our Tapas with us but filled us in about this magic cash point.

Once we got back to La Sagrada Familia, we had some time to kill so went into the park across the street (actually looking for a bathroom) and I found this photo.

I don’t normally like cranes and scaffolding in my pictures, but it’s part of the story of Gaudi’s amazing building as it’s been under construction for a very very long time.

La sagrada famiia in Barcelona framed by trees and a lamppost with a blue sky in the background