Sep 162013

I’m back from my 11 day bounce around Europe. Our last stop was Florence, Italy. From there we drove out into Tuscany to visit Pisa and then Sienna. It wasn’t the most logical route but the journey between the two was beautiful, as was the drive back from Sienna to Florence.

Pisa is famous for the leaning tower, but the inside of the cathedral may be more jaw dropping.

There’s a lot of detail here, so I’ve linked the photo to a larger version… just click it for a better look.

Wide angle view of the interior of the Sienna Cathedral in Tuscany showing the altar and ceiling

Nov 182012

I’ve uploaded a photo of this little church before. It’s constructed with a traditional turf roof. After poking my head inside I decided it could be cool to get a shot of the altar looking up from the ground. I sat down right next to the door and started trying to take a picture from the ground. I had to go lower than my tripod would allow so I was hand holding my camera and trying to line up the pews and the floorboards symmetrically. It was pretty tricky and I was in a pretty awkward position. At one point the door opened and someone came in. I was pretty embarrassed to be caught by a stranger in this odd position on a church floor. I was relieved when the person who came in to join me was my travel buddy who was used to me being in odd positions by then.

interior of Icelandic turf church with view from pews with altar and painting of jesus