Jan 312014

On my last night in Rome I wound up in an American college bar. I had a couple of beers and then decided I’d rather get up early and take some pictures than stay out as there wasn’t much going on. Apparently, after I left things got pretty interesting.

I was rewarded the next morning by a cold overcast morning, but pushed out onto the streets of Rome for the last time. My hotel was located near the Spanish steps, and walking from there I’d arrive at the top and walk down. On my first night there, I was disappointed to see that the fountain at the bottom was hidden for restoration. I wasn’t sure I could get an interesting photo, but as I walked down the stairs, snapping away, I managed to find this shot, which I’m pretty happy with.

the spanish steps in Rome early morning abstract

  2 Responses to “The Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy”

  1. I see you got there early to pick a prime space. I hear this is where all the top totty in Rome meets on an evening.

  2. Somewhat eerie picture, especially with the light shining down on the church!

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