Mar 112017

This little bridge is a landmark in Hoi An, Vietnam. The first bridge was constructed here in 1590 by the Japanese community to link them with the Chinese quarters on the other side of the river.

Japanese Covered bridge in Hoi An

Feb 092012

Gibbs Hill lighthouse, as seen from the Yacht Club on Albuoy’s Point in Hamilton, Bermuda. Bermuda has two lighthouses. This one and St. David’s lighthouse in the East. Bermuda’s waters are treacherous. The 21 mile island is surrounded by reef. Its large collection of ship wrecks helped to earn it the moniker The Devil’s Isles back in the days of tall ships. It was the reefs that resulted in the eventual settlement of the island when the British ship, the Sea Venture, on it’s way to Jamestown, was shipwrecked here in 1609. All survived the wreck and lived on the plentiful wild hogs, fish, and birds until they were able to build two new ships from the island’s substantial cedar supply and move on to Jamestown. In 1611 the British returned, to colonize the island.

View of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse as seen from Albuoy’s Point in Bermuda with a pink and blue sunset.