Nov 122012

These glaciers melting on the beach were really cool. We spent about 2 hours wandering amongst them. I really liked the one on the left in this picture. I think it looks like that because it’s been melted by the rain that fell the night before, but I don’t really know if that’s the case. We tasted some of it too. Delicious!!

Glaciers melting on a black sand beach with ocean waves in Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Oct 102012

This was shot at Jokulsarlon, Iceland, where icebergs come crashing down from the Vatnajokull glacier and begin their journey out to sea. Some of those icebergs, after melting down enough to escape the narrow exit to the lagoon, become trapped against the shore by the crashing waves. These three were amongst many scattered here, slowly melting away.

The icebergs take on various different colors based on the atmospheric conditions. The black one in the background is the result of volcanic ash frozen into the ice.

Three icebergs melting on the rocky beach with waves with one iceberg colored black from volcanic ash in Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Sep 232012

Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon

Jokulsarlon is a large glacial lagoon in South East Iceland. Here, huge icebergs carve off of the glacier and head for the ocean. The lagoons exit is narrow and the glacier’s are bottlenecked here. They have to shrink in size before they make their way through the gap and out to sea. Once there, some of them are forced back onto the beach by the waves. It’s an incredible place, and I’ll definitely be making my way back there again.

Today’s Photo: Icelandic Gem

This small chunk of ice is all that’s left of one of the great bergs that made it’s way out to sea only to get washed up on the shore again. The ice comes in a few different colours. Some are crystal clear, some are black due to volcanic ash deposits. This one is an example of the amazing pale blue glow many of the bergs possess.

Small chunk of iceberg with an amazing blue glow in the ocean having washed off one of the great glaciers at Jokulsarlon, IcelandSmall chunk of iceberg with an amazing blue glow having washed off one of the great glaciers in the large glacial lagoon at Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Apr 152012

On my recent trip to Ontario I lucked out weather-wise. It was abnormally warm and, despite packing a big jacket, I was comfortable in just a t-shirt most of the time. It felt like the middle of summer. When I arrived at the shores of Lake Huron in Tobermory I found this remnant of winter. Across the water you can see Big Tub lighthouse.

Spring thaw at Lake Huron in Tobermory with snow melting on rocks at lake edge and Big Tub lighthouse across the water