Apr 162017

During my stay in Aix-en-Provence I went on a drive to a number of small villages nearby. I stopped in this village, which has a chateau at the top of the hill. Unfortunately, the Chateau was closed for renovations but I still enjoyed wandering around the town.

quaint french house with green shutters in chateau d'ansoius in provence france

Mar 142017

While taking this photo I was actually stood right in the lavender. I had been stood there for quite a while before realizing that I was surrounded by dozens of bees. Luckily they were merrily going about their way from flower to flower and didn’t take much notice of me.

lavender and an old house with brick wall and bue sky in ventabren provence

Jul 032012

Clouds poured off of the mountains into the entrance of the fjord when a lone building, painted as if to hide in the sky, appeared on the shoreline. As the car rolled to a stop, music filled the air, operatic vocals backed by an energetic orchestra. The perfect backing for the grand setting. It was beautiful, but eerie. The music was emanating from an empty building, and there didn’t seem to be anyone around. After quickly snapping a few photos, the horror movie feel of the place took over and we hopped back into the car. Driving about a minute further up the road, at the very ends of the property, the music still audible, we found a farmer working. With the source of the music located, we could only admire the power of this guy’s stereo!

An empty road with a lone building on the shoreline while clouds poured off of the mountains into the entrance of the fjord in East Fjords, Iceland.


Jun 292012

After failing to reach the giant bird-cliff at Latrabjarg we were making our way back to the hostel. I stumbled upon this scene. Three identical looking horses hanging about a ruin in front of a shack. It was definitely time to make a stop. My travel buddy was a large animal vet who had been trying to catch some sleep on the drive back. She didn’t mind getting woken up for these guys though.

Icelandic horses are pretty incredible. They’re little stout things but incredibly photogenic with rugged coats and flowing manes. You could probably spend all of your time in Iceland photographing just the horses. There were a number of fields full of horses I could see myself spending hours at if I had more time. I’m hoping to spend all of June in Iceland next year. If I do get to do that I’ll definitely spend a lot of time hopping fences for closeups of Icelandic horses.

Three Icelandic horses hanging about a ruin in front of a shack with water and a rocky grass covered hill.