Jul 032012

Clouds poured off of the mountains into the entrance of the fjord when a lone building, painted as if to hide in the sky, appeared on the shoreline. As the car rolled to a stop, music filled the air, operatic vocals backed by an energetic orchestra. The perfect backing for the grand setting. It was beautiful, but eerie. The music was emanating from an empty building, and there didn’t seem to be anyone around. After quickly snapping a few photos, the horror movie feel of the place took over and we hopped back into the car. Driving about a minute further up the road, at the very ends of the property, the music still audible, we found a farmer working. With the source of the music located, we could only admire the power of this guy’s stereo!

An empty road with a lone building on the shoreline while clouds poured off of the mountains into the entrance of the fjord in East Fjords, Iceland.


  3 Responses to “The Music House, East Fjords, Iceland”

  1. Iceland has really beautiful colours.

  2. Epic. I can feel the silence and serenity.

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