Jun 292012

After failing to reach the giant bird-cliff at Latrabjarg we were making our way back to the hostel. I stumbled upon this scene. Three identical looking horses hanging about a ruin in front of a shack. It was definitely time to make a stop. My travel buddy was a large animal vet who had been trying to catch some sleep on the drive back. She didn’t mind getting woken up for these guys though.

Icelandic horses are pretty incredible. They’re little stout things but incredibly photogenic with rugged coats and flowing manes. You could probably spend all of your time in Iceland photographing just the horses. There were a number of fields full of horses I could see myself spending hours at if I had more time. I’m hoping to spend all of June in Iceland next year. If I do get to do that I’ll definitely spend a lot of time hopping fences for closeups of Icelandic horses.

Three Icelandic horses hanging about a ruin in front of a shack with water and a rocky grass covered hill.

  8 Responses to “Midnight Horses, Westfjords, Iceland”

  1. WOW! A new fav. Looks like a painting.

  2. Great name for these horses – Midnight Horses. I own 2 and they are wonderful. I hope to see them in their native environment one day.

  3. Have you noticed that they are all giving their best profile? These guys have been photographed before.

  4. Yea! your first post of Iceland! What a strange looking landscape! The rocky area is like a moonscape . The horses are so cute. They remind me of the ponies if Chicateague . Great shot!

  5. ….sounds like a killer coffee table book

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