Aug 292012

New Look Coming Tonight

I decided to overhaul the appearance of Traverse Earth about two months ago. It didn’t take me too long to design how I wanted it to look. Bending Suffusion (my WordPress template) to my will has taken quite a while though. I used DesktopServer to set up a development website that mirrored this one. I’ve now got it looking just about how I want it. So, I’ve decided to unleash it onto the world, tonight. So, as you’re reading this you my be looking at the old website, the new website, or some hideous, deformed in-between stage. Either way, I hope it works and that you like the end result.

Today’s Photo: The Surge, Bermuda

When I first got a camera that allowed me to adjust aperture and shutter speed I got really into photographing moving water. I’d fire off loads of photos at one scene then dig through them to find the most pleasing blurring of the waters motion. Not a lot has changed, except now I’m working with multiple exposures for each image. So, getting the timing right is a bit more complicated and there’s a lot more photos to sift through!

This photo was taken early morning, shortly after sunrise down on the beach on the Southlands property.

Pink sand beach, turquoise ocean waves surging through limestone rocks at Southlands, Bermuda

  3 Responses to “The Surge, Bermuda”

  1. Really beautiful ! You can just feel the texture of those sculpture like rock formations !

  2. Love the new look. Much more cheerful 🙂

    And as always, love the photo of Bermuda.

  3. water, water everywhere but boy do I need a drink

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