Mar 172014

This is the first shot I took of the horse parked conveniently in the Piazza Rotunda. I’m not sure how the driver got it to stay there while he went for his morning coffee in a nearby cafe.

egyptian obelisk in the piazza della rotunda in Rome with a horse and carriage

Mar 042014

An Egyptian artifact, next to a former Pagan place of worship that’s now a Christian church… there’s a lot going on in this photo.

You probably recognize the Pantheon from earlier images. This obelisk, relocated from the Temple of Rome in Heliopolis, was once part of a pair. It was rediscovered in San Macuto in 1373 and found its current positioning in 1711 where it was used to add a flourish to the already present fountain.

I’m not sure when the garbage bin was installed… but did they really have to put it there? There was one on each corner of the fountain too, as if they wanted to make sure the scene was nicely balanced.

the pantheon and obelisk in the piazza del Rotundo, Rome