Aug 252012

I was actually all set up for a photo in the other direction when I looked over my shoulder and the sun was on its way up just over a nice Bermuda roof. I quickly spun everything around and got set up for this shot. I switched to my 70-300mm lens and zoomed right in to make the moon as big as possible. I’ve tried processing this photo a number of times but was never satisfied with the results I got out of Photomatix. The roof looked dirty (which it wasn’t) and the moon just looked weird. So, tonight, I made a change. Rather than run it through Photomatix I just loaded all three images into Photoshop and masked through to the bits I wanted. This meant using the underexposed photo for the moon and a bit of the overexposed image to brighten up the roof. The moon still looks a bit weird but I think it’s the best I’m going to manage.

Let me know what you think.

A pink and blue sky at sunset with a moonrise over a white Bermuda roof and chimney.