Jun 182012

My plan to get all of my posts ready before taking off for Iceland didn’t pan out. So, I’m sat writing this from the Western Fjords. My first day in Iceland has been quite eventful. If you’ve seen my Facebook page you know what my logo looks like. The bird is an arctic tern. About an hour into our drive today I hopped out of the car to photograph a waterfall. I heard a screech, looked up, and realised I was under attack from my logo. They’re not big birds, but they’re bloody terrifying.

Today’s Photo: Queen’s View Panorama

This is shot from Lighthouse hill, just below Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse.  I decided to try to capture the whole of the view that caused the Queen to pause and take it in. To do that I had to shoot 4 different frames, each with three exposures, and stitch them together.

I’m off now to spend the night driving through the Western Fjords. The light is already looking amazing on the mountains.

Panoramic view of the Great Sound from Lighthouse Hill in Bermuda where Queen Elizabeth stopped to admire the view.