May 112012

I found this on the side of a river in Grey County. There was a sign nearby saying what it used to be but I can’t quite remember. I have a feeling it was used to transport the output of  power plant. Either way, it’s no longer in use now, a modern ruin. I liked the way the water rushed through it and the textures on the inside so set about taking a photo. Once again I found myself balanced on rocks with water rushing around my feet and tripod.

Round culvert through rocky hill with water rushing through and over rocks in Grey County, Canada.

Apr 012012

I like photos taken from the middle of roads but had never found an opportunity to take one myself. So when I found this view I decided I had to stop for the shot. It seemed like a nice quiet road. It turned out that it got a fair few cars. So, I had my trusty assistant stand at the top of the hill yelling whenever cars were coming so I could get out of the road. Having to move on and off the road made getting a shot framed up pretty tricky. In the end I used my 70-300mm lens to make sure that the farm didn’t become lost in the frame.

View of long straight road from hill top as road passes through farm ending in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

Mar 292012

Bruce and Grey county are no distance from Toronto, but feel as far from city life as is possible. The landscape is dotted with farms, small towns and waterfalls. There are nine waterfalls, all of which are relatively easily accessible. This is the second waterfall I visited. After leaving the car in a well sign posted parking lot (this wasn’t always the case) I took off down a trail. I’d read that the majority of the falls in the area are a 5 minute walk from the road. I generally found they were a 5 minute walk back to the road, but on the way there I was either a bit lost or busy taking photos. This waterfall was particularly deceptive. About half way there the path disappeared. Eventually I decided the river bank had shifted and climbed down where I found the path again, going back up hill. There’s a viewpoint of this fall on the path that comes out just to the right of the top of the falls. This was my first stop, where I took a few photos with my camera perched on the edge of a ledge, on the outside of a safety fence. But, I wanted a shot from the bottom as this is where you could see the remainder of winter’s ice visible in today’s photo. Fortunately, on the way up I’d spotted a crack in the cliff face I could climb down. Soon I was on the river bank, hopping from rock to rock to get here. I set my tripod up so that each leg rested its foot on a separate rock, with my feet on an additional pair of rocks and got the shot I wanted.

View of Indian Falls, Bruce County, Ontario from the bottom with the last of the snow melting besides the waterfall.

Mar 262012

Bruce and Grey counties in Ontario, Canada are dotted with loads of little farms like this one. Most of them are on flat land and quite far from the road. I really wanted to get a photo of a barn and silo with the name on the side like this one. I was rushing to get to Inglis Falls before it got too dark. Just as we found the turning to the falls I spotted this farm across the street. The sun had just dropped behind it and I decided I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. So I parked the car and jogged back down the road a bit to get this picture. I still made it to the falls in time as well, so it all worked out.

Farm in Bruce County, Ontario with barn and silo with red roof and interesting gate and fences.