Jul 152013

For the first time in a while I found myself with no plans for the evening, so I decided to head out and take some photos. I went down to Police Beach to see if the sunset would provide some good light. While I was waiting for the sun to dip down I walked over to the entrance of Flatt’s inlet where the golden rays were lighting the pylons of the old railway bridge nicely.

remains of the old railway bridge at flatt's inlet bermuda

Jan 062012

Another Bermuda shot, Flatts Inlet. This summer, I went out early morning before work to take a bunch of pictures around Harrington Sound. This was my last stop. I wound up getting mesmerized by the fish under the dock and really struggled to remove myself from it.

I’ve just booked a trip to Prague. I’m leaving on Friday. I have to go to London for meetings so i decided to go grab some pictures somewhere else in Europe as well. So, assuming I can get on the internet there will be photos from Prague being posted in two weeks. I’m also hoping to head out with my gear in London but that will depend on how the sunrise/sunset lines up my meetings.

Flatts Inlet, Bermuda with boats, bridge, green and orange coral under the water with dramatic clouds.