Feb 202012

Victoria Falls at low water lets you really explore the falls. They have a real untouched feel about them. On one side there’s a simple path leading you past views across the Batoka Gorge. On the other side you can leave the path to walk across the top of the cliffs. There’s nothing to stop you walking right up to the edge, as you can see in this picture.

I’ll be visiting Niagara Falls in March and wonder how it will compare. I’m expecting a lot more attention to be paid to safety, distancing you from the falls. I’m also expecting there to be buildings visible all around the falls. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’ll certainly make for great photos either way.

Victoria Falls at low water showing Batoka Gorge in Zambia.

  4 Responses to “Safety First?”

  1. The falls are so awesome. I can’t believe that there are no safety ropes or anything. Are there any stats on how many accidents there are in a year?

    • I prefer not to look into those things Sara. 😉

      I can’t see there being that many, with a bit of common sense it’s not that dangerous – granted I probably pushed the limits of common sense a little. Our guide did point out a couple spots where people have been known to fall in and get trapped though. I’m not going to go into detail, but it did not sound like a nice way to go.

  2. And… I love your photography. Great photo Johnny 🙂

  3. Niagara Falls isn’t quite as untouched as this (gorgeous by the way) but you should be able to get some great shots without any obstructions. Depending on what side of the falls you are on too. The American side has a really cool tunnel ‘tour’ that brings you right out under the falls. I guarantee that you would get some spectacular shots from there. You may also want to head up or down ‘stream’ so to speak for other views. Will you have a car? I can recommend some good routes. You going to be in Toronto at all? If yes, I can also recommend some good places to get killer city views.

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