Oct 232012

Every time I work on a photo of Iceland I look forward to going back. Today’s shot was taken well after midnight, as the sun dipped just below the horizon. I’d hopped out of the car to take the picture featured here Fjords and Flowers. When I packed up and started making my way back to the car, I noticed the golden light hitting portions of the mountain above me.

Golden cliffs with majestic sky with green field dotted with sheep in Westfjords, Iceland

  2 Responses to “Golden Cliffs, Westfjords, Iceland”

  1. Interesting textures. Velvet grass, craggy outcrop. The gold highlights match the “patination” of the cirrocumulus breaking over the blue sky.

    One more thing. Why was that sheep staring at you?

  2. nice, but not one of your better shots….;)

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