Oct 292012

I recently spent 4 days in Florida visiting my girlfriend. My first two days were spent in Williston. It’s a beautiful area with moss draped trees punctuating fields for livestock. Unfortunately, I’d just done a lot of traveling in a short space of time and was completely worn out when I got there. As a result, I didn’t summon the energy to get the camera gear out until we’d made it to Tampa, where we decided to spend a couple of nights.

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay and were given the option to stay in the resort area of the hotel which had a pool, tiki bar and table tennis. It was also where this interesting looking dock was located that I’d spotted on google maps. Our first morning there we dragged ourselves out of bed at sunrise and I photographed this dock from the beginning of the blue hour right up until the end of the golden hour. As a result, I’ve got a series documenting the subtle changing of colours from night time until daylight. The first of these photos is the Blue version, below.

Long wooden boat dock with lights on calm blue sea during the blue hour at the Hyatt Resort in Tampa Bay, Florida

  5 Responses to “Boat Dock in Blue, Hyatt, Tampa Bay”

  1. Sounds dreamy and fabulous! This is an awesome boat bridge! I just want to go there and spend time with my girlfriend as more as I can.

  2. This is a very pretty shot! Florida is also another gorgeous place with lots of fun colours.

  3. perspective wants to go on forever-it would if the horizon was a shad lower.Good subject choice again JP

    • I’ve got another version where I pretty much had to lie on the ground to try to get the horizon to line up with the end of the dock, still couldn’t manage it!

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