Apr 192012

If it looks like I’m standing in the water here it’s because I am. Well, not really. My camera was though. I spotted this weir next to this old mill above Walter’s Falls in Ontario. After failing to be satisfied with a shot from the bridge I went clambering down the bank, through branches covered in thorns to get down to the river edge. I landed heavily on a pair of rocks which immediately gave way under me. I looked like I’d be getting wet for sure. Somehow, I managed to back pedal faster than the rocks were falling and build myself a new platform of rocks landing beneath my feet.

From my precarious perch, I lent out as far as I could to place my camera closer to the middle of the river, and fire off 7 exposures, before clambering back up through the bushes. Following this I went down to the bottom of the waterfall to get some shots there. I and my gear got pretty soaked once down there, but that’s a story for another day.


The Old Gristmill and weir at Walter's Falls, Ontario

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  1. i used to jump off of these falls in the summer with some of my high school friends ♥ since it is a man made damm you can control how much water comes over these falls the bottom where we jumpped was flat the only tricky part was climbing back up !! it got slimy come mid summer . . . boy i sure would love to come and re visit the falls . . . some of my most favorite memories are linked right here in this pic ♥♥♥

  2. Sounds pretty dangerous to me ! It’s a lovely picture. Thank goodness you didn’t get hurt or damage your equipment!

  3. The folks at the Inn linked this on their Facebook page – beautiful shot.

  4. lucky you didn’t get your camera wet??? risky spot?

    I need a new camera soon – which one you use :-) ??


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