Feb 282014

I went down to the Trevi Fountain with a specific photo in mind. The Trevi Fountain with a lamp glowing in the foreground as the sun turned the sky a dark blue prior to breaching the horizon. After succeeding in that goal, despite competing with slick marble and worn out shoes, I set about taking a more basic photo taking in the whole thing. I realized after selling photos to the Four Seasons in Prague, for web use, that they preferred the simpler images that just showed the landmarks, so I try to remember to snap a few after taking the ones I really like.

I’m starting to run low on photos from past travels! I’m going to have to start heading out at sunrise in Bermuda, and just hope the February weather decides to behave!

trevi fountain rome in hdr early morning no tourists no people long exposure

Jan 222014

Last night, I arrived back home after a few days in Rome. We had a great time there and I can officially say that I found the absolute best, thinnest pizza in the world near the Piazza Navona. Following stuffing my face and consuming a fair amount of beer and wine, I retired to bed relatively early in comparison to my London schedule because I wanted to get up and photograph Rome at sunrise in beautiful light and without the tourist hordes, which were still quite prevalent despite it being the January low season!

My first stop was the Trevi Fountain which I marched straight to as I wanted to get the below picture during the blue hours before the sun had actually come up, so that I could include the lit streetlight.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome before sunrise with glowing street lamp in foreground - very detailed high resolution photo.