Feb 122017

After leaving the monasteries in Meteora, my guide said, “So you’re interested in archaeology… do you want to to go to a cave with 130,000 year old footprints?”

Yes… yes was the answer.

He said it’s not a place he normally takes people but thought I’d be interested. It was really cool and not far from Meteora. It’s still an active dig, but they’ve built metal pathways to let you look down into it. Sure enough, there are fossolised footprints, seemingly made by children playing in the cave, along with numerous hearths.

The footprints were too deep for a photograph, but this is what the cave looks like from the back corner.

theopatra prehistoric cave excavation in greece meteora


Aug 032012

Driving through the lava field surrounding Lake Myvatn really makes you feel as if you are in the land that time forgot. It’s really surreal. I spent ages at this spot, climbing lava stacks trying to get the image I was imagining. I never quite got  it, but I like the patterns in the bottom of the pond captured here.

Lava fields around prehistoric looking Lake Myvatn, Iceland showing patterns at the bottom of the pond.