Apr 022017

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is near the Brandenburg Gate, in the center of Berlin. It’s made up of rectangular concrete columns of varying height set on undulating ground. I tried to take a photo to show what’s it like walking through them.

hallocaust memorial to the murdered jews of europe

Jan 252012

This is the trip where I really got to test out my new Canon 5d Mk II and L-series lenses. I walked across Brooklyn Bridge and actually got my timing completely wrong. The sun had set by the time I got there. I set up for a night shot of the skyline, and then the sunset provided an encore, spreading pink light across the sky.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I was initially annoyed to have cranes ruining my skyline shot. This was taken a week before the marking of the tenth year after 9/11. I processed this while watching a documentary on the progress of the World Trade Center’s new tower. Suddenly, I realized that is the building with the cranes in my photo. I understand that when this photo was taken it was at about half of the height it will reach.

Night shot of the skyline of New York with the sunset spreading pink light across the sky (cranes shown are at the site of the New World Trade Center).