May 032012

The drive from Toronto to Niagara is pretty interesting. You exit the city and gradually surround yourself by countryside. The Niagara is full of vineyards. I only wish I’d been there while the vines were growing!

Winter vineyard with white house, wooden bridge and gazebo in Niagara, Ontario.

Mar 222012

This is one of my early attempts at HDR. I spotted this little structure and decided to see if I’d be able to capture the detail inside as well as the skyline in the distance. I have no idea who this guy is but he made quite a good subject to anchor the photo on. He seemed completely oblivious to my presence as well, must have been a good book.

A man reading inside a detailed cast iron gazebo in Central Park, New York showing the lake and skyline in the distance.

Feb 262012

I took this photo last summer. The sky was looking pretty dramatic so I hopped over the hedge from my house and walked about twenty steps to get to this little bridge in the formal gardens within Bermuda’s Botanical Gardens.


Japanese Zen Garden with wooden bridge in the Botanical Gardens in Bermuda with a gazebo and a dramatic sky with storm clouds