Oct 112012

About Traverse Earth

I’ve added an about page. You can click the link above (just below the header) if you want to know a little bit more about me, about this site and what I’d like it to become or for info on how to license or purchase prints of my photos. I’ll also be adding some photos of me in action over the weekend.

Today’s Photo: Barge Music Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge

This is one of my older shots from New York. I was going through some old files and found this tone-mapped image that I hadn’t tweaked in Photoshop yet. I’d been having some trouble with it over a year ago and it got cast aside. I decided to give it another go and now I’m happy with the final result.

Party barge under the Brooklyn Bridge with golden lights reflecting on the river and bridges under a purple night sky in New York City.

Mar 202012

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is quite a hectic experience – in a good way. There are loads of people walking across the bridge on what is a relatively narrow pathway considering that one half is reserved for bicycles – and people fly across the bridge on their bikes. Heaven forbid you should accidentally stray into the biker lane. This happened quite regularly and the bikers’ responses ranged from frantically ringing bells to comedic outbursts of rage.

Looking over the edge I noticed the scene was much calmer and snapped a shot of this car on it’s way home. The peace didn’t last long as this road was soon swarmed with commuters once again.

I felt like the lone car gave this photo a bit of an apocalyptic feel – like it was being driven by the survivors of a zombie invasion.

View from the Brooklyn Bridge of a lone car on the road giving an apocalyptic feel.

Mar 042012

After making the long walk from Times Square to the far side of the Brooklyn Bridge I arrived here. This shot is taken shortly after the sun had set, in the blue hour. If you look closely you can see the Empire State Building lit up on the horizon.

View of New York City with the Empire State Building from under the Brooklyn Bridge after sunset