Jan 172012

In this picture is the astronomical clock and the Tyn Church. I got up early so I could get a shot without any people about. This area is typically overrun with tourists waiting to see the clock spring to life every hour.

Astronomical clock and the Tyn Church in Old Town Square, Prague early morning under a blue sky.

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  1. [...] that’s what I’m calling it. This is a detail shot of the door, and mosaic, beneath the astronomical clock on the Old Town Hall of Prague. This was taken at the same time as the picture in the above link, [...]

  2. Beautiful Square!!!!!…..reminds me of other places…….. it looks like a good place for a romantic walk…… ;)

  3. Memories! I want a copy of this one. When your famous I can boast about our time together.

    • Well you’re welcome to order a print – then you could also boast about having the first of my prints ever sold. :-) Be interesting to see how it works for Australia…

  4. What a very beautiful shot! The light is so lovely>

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