Jun 222012

Iceland Progress

I wish I could say that I’ve missed the past couple of day’s posts because I didn’t have any internet. Instead, we’ve just been operating on a pretty exhausting schedule. We’re about to finish our circumnavigation of the country. Yesterday, I realized that I could film a pretty cool time-lapse while driving using my wide angle lens, my back-up camera, intervalometer and a Nikon lens cap someone left in our jeep before we picked it up. I realized this yesterday, on our second last day. I could have had a video of the entire journey, but I only realized it yesterday. It’s alright though, it just means I’ll have to come back, I’m thinking for the whole month of June next year. We’ve been talking about how to spend a month here as it’s painfully expensive – we’re dropping about $100 on gas alone every day. The country’s full of free campsites, so I think on my return I’ll be sleeping in a tent. It’s good though, as there’s no need to meet check-in times and you can decide to stop whenever you get too tired to go on. Today we head to Reykjavik, after backtracking a bit to the glacier bay. It was cloudy and rainy yesterday and last night, so decided to leave photographing the crystal blue chunks of ice until the sun was out this morning. Tonight, we’ll be snorkeling the rift under the midnight sun and then possibly touring the Golden Circle, which will get us truly back on the tourist trail.

Today’s Photo: Martello Tower

Back to Bermuda in a couple of days when I’ll actually get to process some Iceland photos! Here’s a shot from Bermuda taken a few weeks ago up at Ferry Reach.

Martello Tower in Ferry Reach, Bermuda with aged limestone and turquoise ocean.

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