Jul 132012

Across the road from the somewhat creepy “Music House”, in the East-fjords, was this equally creepy shack. It was an odd location, but the mountains in the background were begging to become a picture. I had to act quickly as within a minute the clouds had rolled in and totally obscured the mountains from view.

Lonely wood shack with majestic snow covered mountains with storm clouds in East-fjords, Iceland.

  2 Responses to “Lonely Shack”

  1. The odd thing is the track. Where is it going? The shack was obviously built there because someone thought it a good idea to have a shack just there. Hey- what do you do in 24 hours of darkness in an Icelandic winter? Build a shack. They must be all over Iceland.

    Old glacial Corries/cwms in the background.Frost shattered peaks. It’s all flooding back.

    • But then, how do you build a shack in the dark?

      I was wondering when the geography based comments would start comnig from you on the Iceland pictures. Think you can explain the rock formation in “Flowers Forever”? In that shot there’s a glacier behind me, off in the distance.

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