Jan 102013

The architecture around London is really quite fascinating. Old structures are juxtaposed against ultra modern designs all over the place. This photo, comparing the egg-shaped city hall to Tower Bridge helps to get this point across.

I took this photo between overnight flights on my way to Capetown. I managed to get my camera set up on my tripod all set up ready to take bracketed photos when I saw a security guard approaching out of the corner of my eye. As he got closer I hit the shutter button and as I spoke with him my camera worked away getting what I needed. Once I convinced him I was just a tourist he was satisfied and asked me not to take photos of the reception in the building.

A view of London City Hall with Tower Bridge in the background


  3 Responses to “London City Hall and Tower Bridge”

  1. It is such a shame that terrorism and security now have a very restrictive affect on some of the photos we take. Thankfully the security guard let you keep this one so you can share it with us.

  2. Favorite parts of this picture, and there are many; how the blue “pops”, the curvy railing in the foreground, the blur of people going by, the flag atop the bridge, the reflections in the windows and the story! Nice job!

  3. Nothing like self-indulgent archtitects.Whoever got away with the building in the background must have some really good contacts. The grey tones really work well with this JP.

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