Apr 022013

Today’s photo was shot handheld from a ferry as we pulled out of this little town. I saw this lady on her phone and thought she would make a nice focal point in front of the busyness of the town and hills behind her.

Let me know what you think.

Busy colorful street with terraced houses up the mountainside in village on Lake Como, Italy.

  3 Responses to “Lady In Green, Lake Como, Italy”

  1. Ah Como brings back so many wonderful memories for me; apart from getting sun burnt I enjoyed my time there which would be 20 years ago now. I remember climbing that mountain at the back of your photo. Phew that was a warm day.

    I love Como and your picture shows the great colour and range of architecture there.

  2. well the lady in green is too small to be a focal point for me as there is alot to look at all at once – first thing I saw was that blue arrow sign (it’s just so bright and not a natural color that it sticks out)
    I wonder if you cropped the photo to have just her and the red flowers she is passing with a bit of background, the bright green dress would pop. just my 2 bits Jonny… It looks like a really nice place to visit….

  3. Beautiful, but I somehow think I’ve seen this before? Love all of the details like the flower boxes, the couple getting off their bike, the colors of the buildings and of course the lady in green! Just what you think life would be like in Italy.

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