Apr 012013

I’m Time-lapsing

I’m writing this from an interesting location tonight, perched on top of a rock at the far end of Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda. I’m making use of the Digicel Hotspot here while shooting a timelapse. I took the photo to the right on my Blackberry, a few hours ago.

I decided to timelapse Horseshoe as the time moves from early evening to night. It was a beautiful sunset tonight. Unfortunately, I think I overexposed the whole thing. Not too bad though, I can come back here again. Assuming I find a way down off this rock.

Today’s Photo: Giraffes Have Long Necks

Well… they do!!

There’s no trickery involved in today’s shot like the one from a few days ago of two giraffes grazing in Botswana.

Close-up of giraffe face and neck with small bird resting on the mane in Botswana.




  3 Responses to “Giraffes Have Long Necks”

  1. I love the bird! He is just so cute.

  2. NIce photo – I like the little bird on the giraffe’s mane and notice how the giraffe’s one ear is flopped over to the back – looked lopsided at first glance…I like…

  3. Now this is an intersting and fun post! You can see a kitesurfer in the blackberry photo and the giraffe is amazing! The little bird is the icing on the cake….or should I say mane 😉

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