May 162012

In an earlier post, you saw these falls from below. To get there I’d had to climb down and then carefully hop from rock to rock to get up the river. In that photo you could see that there was still a huge lump of snow/ice at the base. Today’s view is probably more like how normal people experience Indian Falls.

The path is pretty easy. As you approach the falls you can hear them from quite a distance away. Then you reach a cliff edge with a great view. I was surprised to discover a fence there preventing you from getting to the edge, the path there wasn’t exactly developed. I think I’ve mentioned it before but I’ll say it again, I hate fences. It was one of the things that I loved about Victoria Falls, the freedom to roam (after you’d signed in with the AK toting guard at the gate). To get this photo I reached over the fence to place my tripod and camera on the other side and used the LCD screen to frame the shot.

It’s funny when you’re looking for a waterfall and are a bit lost. You always think you can hear it, then it turns out to be small rapids. But then, when you actually hear it you can tell the difference. They’re always so much louder than you expect. I depart for Iceland in less than a month where I’ll have opportunity to seek out lots of waterfalls. On my first night there (baring in mind the 24 hours of light) I’ll be visiting one that is supposed to be particularly loud. It’s called Dynjandi, which means thunderous. It looks like it’s pretty spectacular.

Indian Falls in Bruce County, Ontario with a wide curtain of water falling into a pool of water.

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  4 Responses to “Indian Falls, Bruce County: From Above”

  1. Swimming here is heaven late July on!

  2. Juks beautiful! I love the way the rock below looks to be carved out.

  3. That’s pretty! The waterfall looks like a curtain.

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