Mar 272012

Elora Gorge, located just West of Toronto is a really cool little place. It’s got a real small town, friendly vibe with a good bit of quirkiness stirred in. Everyone there seems really happy and friendly. I wound up chatting to a lot of people while I was setting up for photos. There’s a lot of interesting buildings scattered about through town. Color is applied liberally and odd nick-knacks hang from the facades. I thought this one was particularly interesting. It’s the exterior wall of a locksmiths, made entirely of doors.

Wall of different color and style doors found at an Elora, Ontario locksmith's.

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  1. Hey Johnny P.
    I am a high school teacher in Elora, Ontario and love your Elora doors photo. An organization in charge of the Elora Writers Festival (a non profit), asked my student to make a poster for their 20th anniversary festival. She found your doors photo and would like to include it in a poster and brochure. Is that okay?


  2. really like this one – it has a story – I can just see the guy going around collecting these doors and thinking ” hmm that would look good as part of my wall” …. I miss TO for this kind of quirkiness… can’t believe I never made it over to Elora Gorge…

    nice shot JP!

  3. All around my neck of the woods. Elora Gorge, fabulous camping area. Great photo Johnny, the doors are so pretty!

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