Mar 072012

This is a canal that runs underneath the Charles Bridge. As I came across this view I liked the shadow of the house falling on the other houses. Before long a boat passed through. I decided that this as just what I needed for a picture so I set up my tripod, got the camera ready and waited. As I’ve mentioned, in just about every post from Prague, it was cold. This was a particularly long wait. I enjoyed the funny looks I got and watching people walk up to snap a photo in the general direction of where my camera was facing before moving on. After a wait a boat passed through, but it was a little tiny thing that I didn’t think did the trick. So, I continued to wait. I think I’d been there for about half an hour when the boat I’d seen originally returned and this is the result.

This is a combination of 3 exposures. I used the selective anti-ghosting tool in Photomatix to select one exposure of the boat and the surrounding water.

Boat sailing in canal that runs underneath the Charles Bridge, Prague with shadow of buildings on opposite wall.

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  1. This is top class JP- superb lighting, especially on the facade of the bulding to the right

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