Mar 062013

My Capetown host said hello today, so I’ve been inspired to post one of the photos I took while staying there. This is a small rocky area at one end of the expansive, beautiful Nordhoek beach. I wanted to capture the power of the water around here so as the sun dropped down I let my shutter speeds slow down to show off the churning movement of the water as it bursts onto the rocky shoreline.

I didn’t actually think it’d rush up as far as it did. Suddenly my feet discovered just how cold the water is this far South of the equator.

I’ve got a few photos lined up and quite possibly a bit of time to breathe so am going to try to get back into posting a photo a day. Comments on photos and requests for places you know I’ve been definitely help motivate me!

I’ve got a week in Cuba on the brain at the moment. I’ll be trying to go late March/early April. If you’d like to join me, feel free to let me know!! 🙂

Whitewater rushes around a boulder on the rocky area of Nordhoek Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

  5 Responses to “Nordhoek Rush, Capetown, South Africa”

  1. Most pleased to see you are posting pictures again! 🙂 Some of your best photos are the ones with the “moving” water so I quite like this one. Haven’t seen any Canadian pictures lately, so that would be fun! I am sure you will take some awesome shots in Cuba…the architecture and cars are amazing!

  2. Cuba is beautiful. You’ll enjoy taking pictures there.

  3. the water takes on a silk texture- I think Windhoek literally translates as “wind angle”- maybe it relates to a strong prevaling wind driving this water in.

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