Jun 112013

When I got to Guatemala I was surprised to discover that one of the main modes of transport around the cities is the Tuk Tuk, typically synonymous with Thailand. They’re good fun, if not entirely safe, as they bounce over the cobbled roads of Flores and Antigua. I used them to travel around quite a lot and on this occasion, while on my way to el cuevo del serpiente, I decided to catch a cool photo of the view. If you look closely you’ll notice this photo also includes a self portrait.

View from the back of a tuk tuk on the move in Guatemala


  5 Responses to “View from a Tuk Tuk, Guatemala”

  1. reminds me of the Jeepnies they have in Philippines which are open all around – cool self portrait and I like the hearts coming out of his ears too

  2. Very artistic! Was the self portrait planned? It also looks like the driver has hearts coming out of his ears! 😉

  3. Fun photo. Self-portrait is neat.

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