Mar 252013

We’d come through rain, a lot of rain, to get to this spot. Soaking wet, pools of water collected in my guide-provided poncho. We came round a corner to discover about twenty giraffe, spread across a broad flat landscape. I carefully pulled my camera from beneath he puddle-filled poncho, spilling water all over my travel buddies in  the process, and began to fire away.

When I saw these two giraffe, I knew exactly what I wanted. Both of them with their heads up, pointing towards the center of the photo. I didn’t actually manage to get this in the same photo. So when it came to producing this image, I wound up using two sets of bracketed photos. So I had two with regular exposure, two at -2 and two at +2.

I used Photomatix’s ghosting removal tool to pick the images of each giraffe I wanted and voila, the image I had in my head in Africa was now on my screen in Bermuda.

Two giraffe eating leaves in Chobe, Botswana

  7 Responses to “Two Giraffe in Botswana”

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  3. 2 cool things about this photo; 1-the curve of the giraffe’s neck and 2- that it’s actually 2 pics in one! Otherwise….

  4. what ? you couldn’t sit and wait and get them to stand there naturally ! haha
    The giraffe in the forefront looks younger… just looking at his spots in comparison to the other one which was darker…and looks more mature

  5. Great work in combining the two and a lovely close up of these beautiful animals.

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