Jul 202013

Tikal was hot, really really really hot. The room I stayed in didn’t have any air-conditioning, all I had was two little fans. So, I’d have a few beers and read a bit of George Orwell’s 1984 to get me to sleep. This worked to get me to sleep; nothing could keep me asleep. As the sun began to peak up over the jungle, the heat started to climb and I rose out of bed. One morning, with nothing else to do, I set out with my camera gear and got today’s photo of a small boat dock with canoes available for rent tied up to it.

Two canoes tied to a dock on a golden morning in tikal, guatemala

  3 Responses to “Tikal Boat Dock Morning, Guatemala”

  1. the green in the boat almost fluoresces…..

  2. I like the water too.

  3. water looks like liquid gold
    nice shot

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