Jan 212012

On the first day of our canoe safari, on the Lower Zambezi, we stopped for lunch under a big shade tree on the Zimbabwe side of the river. While everyone stretched out to nap after a sandwich and a salad I started getting my camera gear out. I wanted to get a photo of a hippo yawning. Typically, the hippo let out a huge yawn as I was setting up. Then I had to wait quite a while for him to do it again. It worked out for the best though, as these elephants moved into frame just before the hippo let out a huge gaping yawn.


Hippo making a big yawn while in the Zambezi River with three elephants on the shore in Zaibabwe.

  2 Responses to “The View from Lunch”

  1. I didn’t totally read your intro! (Some reading teacher) plus my little laptop showed the elephants and hippo separate. How amazing to have captured the elephants just as they moved into the frame!

  2. I don’t think you’ll ever top, seeing a hippo with its mouth fully opened for lunchtime entertainment! Did you see the elephant at the same time?What an amazing shot you captured!1

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