Jul 062012

Godafoss has to be in the running for the easiest waterfall to access in Iceland. There’s a gas station and souvenir store with a view to the falls and it was our first encounter with tour buses. They were all parked to the right of the falls. So we took this narrow path up the other side of the river and I found this cool little bridge. I recognized it from Trey Ratcliffe’s blog and was shocked to find it! I thought it was in the middle of nowhere. You can tell just how beaten the lesser path is. So much so that the bridge is broken! Even with the Tour buses and souvenir stores, the impressiveness of Godafoss is not diminished. Naturally pictures of this waterfall will follow, they’re just a bit trickier to process than this little old bridge.

Wooden bridge along path over rocky stream to Godafoss, Iceland

  3 Responses to “The (Slightly) Less Beaten Path”

  1. I saw an elf

    • Don’t get me started on elves and trolls. I fully understand why people believe in them up there. I was climbing around on a lava field at 3 in the morning and saw something moving out the corner of my eye every few minutes!

  2. Really great shot! Definitely love the colours of Iceland.

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