Mar 102012

Another photo of Times Square. While waiting for something interesting to appear in the road for my foreground I spent quite a while being harassed by a very effeminate man promoting a comedy club. I became the butt of his jokes. At one moment he walked over and said, in a suddenly masculine tone, “don’t worry man, it’s just part of the act.”

This was contrasted with the naked cowgirl playing guitar across the street. I was hoping she’d come my way to fill the foreground of this shot, but the police apparently decided she was too naked for Times Square. Shame, she was hotter than the other naked cowgirls present.

Then, the iconic New York cityscape gained the iconic New York vehicle for it’s foreground and I got the shot!

Times Square, New York lit up at night with a yellow taxi making the turn.

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  1. What a fabulous unique shot of Times Square!

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